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5 Ways To Plan An Easter Egg Hunt For Kids

Update:13 Feb 2023

5 Ways to Plan an Easter Egg Hunt for Kids

Method 1: Guess the egg game
1. Collect the items you need. You'll need a glass jar or basket, a handful of chocolate or hard-boiled eggs of various sizes, pieces of paper, a pencil, and an Easter basket.
2. Give each person a piece of paper and a pen.
3. Have them write their name and guess how much sugar is in the jar.
4. Announce the winner. The child who is closest to the true number gets the candy.

Method 2: Guess who I am
1. Prepare what you need. You need some good little stuffed animals. If possible, bring stuffed animals related to Easter, such as bunnies and chickens.
2. When the children arrive at the door, pin a small plush toy on the child's back so that they cannot see it. Make sure you are using a secure and secure pin. Have the child stand still while pinning.
3. At the party, the children will ask each other questions about guessing which animal. Questions must be answerable with a "no". For example, ask "Do I eat carrots?" "Do I squawk?" and so on.
4. At the end of the party, ask the children what kind of animal they think they are. Children who guess correctly are rewarded, perhaps with an animal attached to them. Allow your child to keep guessing until they get the correct answer. (For those who guess early, end the game early. Also, don't let the toy fall off your child's back.)

Method 3: Reposition
1. Prepare some chairs and arrange them in a ring. The number of chairs is one less than the number of children participating. Everyone gets a chair except one. Everyone is ready to start the game.
2. Start by saying, "I appreciate people with brown eyes." Everyone stands up and runs to another chair. You cannot directly choose the chair next to their original chair. Once everyone is seated, one person stands and continues, "I'm thankful for people with dogs." If you want the theme to be Easter-related, have the children say something to thank for Easter, such as "I'm thankful for the Easter eggs. ’ or ‘I thank Jesus’ and so on.
3. The game can be played until everyone has played enough. But beware, this game is very addictive and may last for a while. Note that this game can be competitive: when everyone runs to a chair, take one. The person who does not get a chair is out, and the person who lasts to the end is rewarded. Since someone will be running toward the chair you're taking, this game can lead to some minor injuries.

Method 4: Hunting for Easter Eggs
1. Put candy, Easter eggs, or other edibles in plastic eggs. Search the garden or yard. If your garden or yard isn't wet, muddy, or snowy, you can skip the plastic egg wrap and use the snack's original packaging.
2. Put candies and Easter eggs in the yard, garden, or around the house. Make sure you remember how much you have stashed, and make sure you have enough for every child who attends.
3. Have the children go out and look for eggs. Set a limit on how many each person can find, so that everyone will find it. If you're sure you've got all the eggs or snacks, let the kids keep them or eat their rewards.

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