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Be Careful When Using Automatic Bubble Guns

Update:05 Aug 2022

Be Careful When Using Automatic Bubble Guns

Bubble water is one of the important toys for children. When purchasing an automatic bubble gun, special attention should be paid to the safety of the bubble water solution. There are many manufacturers of bubble water on the market, but few of them have a safe formula. The alkaline components in the bubble water solution will corrode children's skin, and the fragrance has many unsafe factors. Therefore, when parents buy bubble water, they must not be greedy for cheap and should buy brands with a good reputation.

1. Carefully check the product packaging and label instructions, read the product manual, understand the product usage, warning information, precautions,  and other related content, and guide children to play correctly according to the instructions.

2. Before use, parents should install or charge the battery correctly, and check whether there is leakage after filling the bubble liquid. Pay attention to check whether the small parts are firmly installed and whether the gap between the moving parts of the toy will not pinch children's fingers.

3. Parents need to supervise children when they are playing. If bubble water is accidentally spilled on the skin, it should be cleaned in time, and hands should be washed in time after playing.

4. After using the product with electronic components, clean the surface of the toy with a dry soft cloth, do not wash it directly with water.

5. Do not place the bubble liquid in a place where children can easily touch it to avoid accidental drinking and eating.

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