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Be Cautious When Buying Children'S Bubble Machines

Update:26 Aug 2022

The weather has been good these days, the weather is quite sunny and sunny, and everyone took their children to play outdoors.

Flying a kite, blowing bubbles, kicking a ball..., children's games are really rich. Especially children's bubble machine, very popular with children.

But I heard that when a child was playing with blowing bubbles, his little hand touched the bubble liquid, and then the skin peeled and festered. The parents rushed to the hospital. The doctor said that the bubble-blowing liquid contained caustic soda, and the child was burned!

It turned out that the bubble-blowing toy bought by the parents was a "three-nothing" product. After the bubble liquid came into contact with the child's skin, it caused chemical burns. This time I found that most people bought it at roadside stalls, small stores, or online. They never thought that this toy would be dangerous and never paid attention to the product information.

Most of the cheap bubble-blowing liquids do not have product information marked, and these bubble-blowing toys have various shapes and colors, especially for bows | and children's interests.

Most of the bubble liquid in the cheap "three no" plastic bubble machines on the street contains alkaline substances, and children may cause chemical burns if they touch it lightly. The doctor reminded me that children should have parental supervision when playing with such toys.

Let's take a look at the bubble-blowing toy you bought and see if there is any product information marked. If it is also a three-no product, you should replace it as soon as possible. We are a professional custom bubble water toys supplier, if you have any needs, please contact us in time.