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Bubble Water Toys Add Childhood Fun

Update:19 Feb 2022

In the early morning, the flowers and trees stood tall and straight, the crystal dewdrops swayed on the tip of the leaves, the snails walked leisurely on the forest path, and the birds sang cheerful songs... I trot all the way to the composition training class with excitement, because we were going to play a game of blowing bubbles that day.

The game started, and the classroom suddenly exploded. The students couldn't wait to take out Bubble Water Toys, only to see the students holding a gourd-like Plastic Bubble Tube in one hand and a bubble bottle in the other, some blowing gently, some blowing hard, countless bubbles. The bubbles were flying all over the sky, and the classroom immediately became a sea of ​​bubbles

foreign. They wore colorful clothes, red, purple, dark red, light green, colorful, very beautiful. Their shapes are even more bizarre: some are very large, like a crystal glass ball; some are very small, like colorful pearls; some are surrounded by two or three, like a blooming flower , like a few close friends whispering; some are connected into a bunch, like a bunch of ripe grapes, and like candied haws... Bubbles are also playing games with us, they will float in the air for a while. You can't catch it, you hide behind you for a while so you can't find it, and then disappear with a puff of laughter.

Looking at these lovely bubbles, I seem to have turned into a bubble, and it floats freely with the wind in the air together with other bubbles. We floated to the blue sky and shook hands with the white clouds; we floated to the forest and sang with the birds; we floated to the sea and danced with the rolling waves...

Goodbye Bubble, I'll play with you next time!