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Demystifying The Main Formula Points Of Bubble Water In The Plastic Bubble Machine

Update:13 May 2022

There are various formulas of bubble water, but some formulas make bubbles that are not easy to blow and are especially easy to break. Today, I will introduce you to how to make bubble water as fun as the plastic bubble machine. The recipe for the main ingredient types are these:
Ingredient one: water
The most important part of bubble water, of course, is the water. It is best to use distilled water for making bubble water because there are no impurities in the distilled water. Ordinary tap water contains calcium plasma in the middle, and these ions will combine with surfactants (soapy water) to reduce the effect.
Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of tap water, the more calcium ions it contains, and the worse the effect. If your home is in an area with high water hardness and you don’t have a water softener, it’s better to go to the supermarket and buy a bottle of distilled water.
Ingredient 2: Surfactant
Surfactants such as soaps and detergents are the ingredients that make the water bubble, but unlike most people's assumptions, surfactants do not bubble by increasing surface tension, on the contrary, they will weaken the surface tension of water. To 1/3, you can blow bubbles.
There are many surfactants, and all kinds of washing people and things in your home are counted. The best choices are some of the purest and simplest ones, such as the simplest liquid soap, baby shower gel, and shampoo, which contain relatively few additives. , there are no impurities such as spices to confuse.
Ingredient 3: Thickener
In fact, this is the secret recipe. Most people patronize detergents when making bubble water, but they don't know what really makes the bubbles lasting, firm, and bigger, not only the detergent in the right proportion but also the thickening. agent to ensure the stability of the bubbles.
There are also many choices of thickeners. The more commonly used ones are glycerin and syrup. The former can be bought at pharmacies and supermarkets; the latter is simpler, just go to the coffee shop and get a few free packets of syrup.
As for the ratio of these three, you can try it yourself, it is not worth the money anyway. Constant trial and error, debugging different ratios, and hoping to achieve the perfect state are the beauty of experimentation.

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