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Easter Connection With Easter Eggs

Update:19 Aug 2022

In most Western countries, Easter is generally held in a grand religious procession. The marchers wore robes, held crosses, and marched barefoot. They dressed as Christian historical figures and sang carols to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Today, the festival parade has lost the strong religious color of the past. The festival parade is full of a festive atmosphere, with strong folk and local characteristics. In the United States, there are clowns in cowboy clothes and stilts in the parade, as well as the lively and cute cartoon character Mickey. In the United Kingdom, the parade is mainly to introduce the local history and customs. The marchers disguised themselves as Scottish bagpipe bands and palace guards, attracting many tourists. The arrival of Easter also makes people change into new clothes one after another. In the past, Christians would go to church for baptism before the festival and then put on their new robes to celebrate the new birth of Christ. The custom of wearing new clothes remains to this day because people think that it is bad luck not to wear new clothes on festivals. During Easter, people also like to thoroughly clean their homes, indicating that a new life begins.

In the twelfth century, people added eggs to Easter festivals, which were mostly painted red, but also painted with colors and smiling faces. Therefore, it is generally called "Easter eggs" (also commonly known as Easter eggs). The original symbolism of the egg was "spring - the beginning of a new life". Christians use it to symbolize "Jesus was resurrected and walked out of the stone tomb". Easter eggs are the most important food symbol of Easter, which means the beginning and continuation of life. Today's easter eggs have many patterns and different forms, such as hollowed-out egg carvings, which can also be classified into a broad range of easter eggs.

During the festival, according to traditional customs, people boil the eggs and paint them red, which represents the swan weeping and the happiness after the birth of the goddess of life. Put it on the ground or on the soil slope and roll, the last one that cracks is the winner, and the winner can get all the players' easter eggs. The event is so common that even the White House organizes this game at Easter, but here the eggs are rolled on the lawn; it is believed that the rolling of the eggs back and forth on the ground causes the demons to tremble and torment. This custom has a long history, and the egg is a symbol of Easter, because it heralds the arrival of new life, and it is believed that new life will be born out of it.

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