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Easter Eggs Are A Symbol Of Easter

Update:14 Oct 2022

The traditional western festival Easter is coming soon. The most representative mascots in Easter are Easter eggs and the Easter bunny. The ancients often regarded eggs as a symbol of many children and many grandchildren and resurrection. Today I will show you the Easter Emblem.


Lilies symbolize holiness and purity. People love to represent the holiness of Jesus Christ through the lilies that bloom in spring, around Easter. And the lily, shaped like a trumpet, also seems to be loudly proclaiming the good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter Egg

Eggs symbolize new life. A hard eggshell cannot contain the new life that is being conceived inside.

Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and was buried in the tomb, but the tomb could not hold him. He rose again on the third day, so that all who believe in him receive new life. Eggs have become one of the common symbols of Easter.

cross, nail

On Easter, many people will paint boiled eggs with Easter-related patterns. For example crosses, nails, lilies, rabbits, etc., are decorated with colorful decorations. They are then exchanged with each other, reminding of the resurrection of Jesus. Some people also like to play the game of finding easter eggs. The adults first hide the easter eggs in the grass in the garden and let the children find them. The person who finds the easter egg has to tell the meaning of the pattern on the egg. For example, the cross is where Jesus died for us, and the nail is a reminder that Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross.

Easter Rabbit (Bonnie Rabbit)

According to an ancient European legend, the hare is an animal that never closes its eyes all day long. They can watch other animals around in the dark. Therefore, the hare represents a bright moon in the dark night. In addition, the calculation of Easter days is based on the full moon in spring, so the hare with high fertility in spring is regarded as a symbol of Easter. After this custom was introduced to the United States, the Americans also took a cute name for the rabbit, calling it the Easter Bonnie Rabbit!

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