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Easter Eggs Made From Old Newspaper

Update:02 Sep 2022

Whenever Easter comes, many parents bring their children to make Easter egg crafts together. Trying to make a different Easter egg style every year, these beautiful Easter eggs bring us so much joy. Today I will teach you how to use old newspapers to make Easter eggs, let's learn together!

Collect some old newspapers and fold them into paper tubes, you can simply weave cute eggs, and then paint them with colorful paints. Your own super cute paper eggs are completed, and it is also very festive to decorate the festival.

Production steps:

1. After collecting old newspapers and making long paper tubes start weaving
2. Take out three paper tubes and place them crosswise, and then stick half a paper tube on the center intersection and start weaving
3. Press a braided one by one, like weaving a bamboo basket
4. Adjust the diameter of the egg at any time when weaving
5. Weave to the largest diameter of the egg, ready to start closing
7. The size of the perimeter of the weaving should conform to the shape characteristics of the egg
8. Cut off the excess paper tube after weaving and closing, and fix it with glue

It is a very good choice to decorate the home with good color and decoration. Have you learned this simple Easter egg handicraft? Contact us for custom printed Easter eggs.