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Handmade Tablet Children'S Bubble Machines

Update:18 Nov 2022

Regardless of boys and girls, the colorful bubbles are absolutely loved. The bubbles accompany everyone's childhood. Now the children's bubble machines are getting better and better, with rich shapes and exquisite shapes.

There are manual bubble guns and automatic bubble dispensers with batteries. Let's take a closer look at the colors of these bubbles. The colors are like rainbows. Can we use colored scratch paper to express the bubbles?

Age reference: 5-6 years old
Teaching aids preparation: sketch paper, marker pen, scissors glue, scratch paper, bamboo stick pen, highlight pen

1. Use a pink marker to draw the outline

2. Color and draw the details and straps of the piggy bubble maker

3. Paste the cut bubble machine on the black scratch paper

4. Use a bamboo stick to draw bubbles of different sizes

5. Then use the highlight pen to circle around the periphery and draw highlights

6. Adjust the details of the bubble machine

A beautiful and fun bubble machine is born! For more related bubble machine information, please continue to pay attention to our custom automatic bubble gun manufacturer.