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How To Reduce Risks When Playing With Plastic Bubble Machines

Update:22 Sep 2022

Although bubble water is good-looking and fun, it is deeply loved by children, but it has also exposed various levels of negative news, and it once became a toy that caused parents to wonder and worry. In fact, as long as you have a good idea of ​​the following precautions, you should be able to minimize the risk. Instead of worrying about it, why can't you give your child a colorful and happy childhood? Let's talk about the things you need to pay attention to when playing with plastic bubble machines.

1. Buy bubble water toys produced by regular and well-known manufacturers.

2. Children under the age of three are not suitable for all kinds of bubble toys

3. Pay attention to the production date, check whether the bubbling water has expired, pay attention to the ingredients, and avoid buying products containing glycerin, syrup, methylisothiazolinone (MIT), and other substances.

4. Smell it, if there is any fragrance, it looks colorful, and it is easy to be mistaken for a drink by children. It should be placed in a place where children are not easy to obtain. When playing, you should also follow your children closely, and remind them not to consume it as a drink.

5. When playing with pistol-style soap bubble toys, teach children not to point at other people's faces, otherwise, it will easily hurt other people's eyes and increase the chance of other people's skin and eyes contacting the solution.

6. Avoid fire sources, because if your bubbles are made of soapy water and glycerin, these chemical components can be ignited when they meet fire. Soap is the product of the interaction between animal and vegetable oils and alkalis, and the main component is sodium stearate. When the bubble is blown, sodium stearate and glycerin form the outer wall of the bubble, and a large amount of air is wrapped in the bubble. When it encounters an open flame, the outer wall of the bubble will burn, and then under the action of oxygen, it will quickly Burn through.

7. It is best to use up the soap bubble solution as soon as possible after opening, and children should be reminded to wash their hands as soon as possible after playing with soap bubble toys.

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