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Toy Bubble Machine Enriches Childhood Fun

Update:26 Dec 2022

I bought the toy bubble machine for two years, and it is still very fun to take out, and it is not worn out. I am really happy. It seems that everyone knows how to clean up, organize and cherish toys.

When we took it out to play yesterday, we still encountered a troublesome old problem: when adding bubble liquid, due to the existence of foam, the liquid inside will always overflow, and the hands will be dirty, which will also appear wasteful. What should I do?

Before I thought about it, I saw that pouring beer and Coke would overflow, how to solve it? Stir with a chopstick in it. I used the same method to find a clean stick and add the bubble liquid while stirring the foam. However, this is not a very good way, because the bottle mouth is too small, and there is too much foam.

"Can we squeeze the foam out?" I asked, trying to squeeze the foam out of the bottle.

really can! When the foam was squeezed out of the mouth of the bottle, I blew it out as soon as I blew it. Haha... The problem that has been troubling everyone has been solved simply like this!

The kids and I had a blast adding liquids and using the bubble machine to release lots and lots of bubbles, having so much fun!

"Beautiful bubbles like a rainbow!" Suddenly, the child said happily.

"Let's each come up with some words to talk about what these bubbles look like, shall we?" I heard the child's description, and I had such inspiration and suggestions.

"Fantasy bubbles!" "Countless bubbles" "Colorful and colorful bubbles" "Bubbles flying all over the sky" "Bubbles like transparent glutinous rice balls" "Countless bubbles" "Bubbles like the sky "eyes", "big and small bubbles"...

The wonderful description enriches our happy play, and tests and expands everyone's vocabulary accumulation, which is really rewarding!

The bubble machine, a simple toy brings us infinite joy and learning possibilities, interesting!

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