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Make A Hand-Held Bubble Wand Toy Game Online

Update:17 Jan 2023

Children's hand-held bubble wands, are made of environmentally friendly materials and do not contain any harmful chemicals; the bubbles blown out are colorful and varied; there is a special aroma, and children are intoxicated in this beautiful atmosphere when they play; The bubbles are regularly scattered on the ground or where the children like, creating a platform for the children to show their self-style and happy mood; the bubble liquid will not cause any harm to the human body, nor will it pollute the environment. It also allows children to develop environmental awareness from an early age.

It can be said that it is a very meaningful activity for children to learn to blow bubbles. Paint colors on the blown bubbles, and then tap them with your hands to form beautiful rainbow bubbles of various shapes!
Let your child dip the straw in the water and gently pop the blown bubbles out of the straw! Then use a small stick to rub gently on the water surface, so that the air and water are fully mixed to form more, larger, and more colorful bubbles.

Material preparation: transparent plastic bottle (size and height can be adjusted according to children’s height), blowpipe (thickness is not limited), blowpipe (length depends on your preference), plastic bubble wrap (or thin cardboard), etc.

When children play this game, you can tell them stories about bubbles
A bubble, fly to the sky, fly around, and become a big bubble;
A big frog accidentally drank the bubbling water, and then gurgled and swelled up;
An elf, walking in the forest;
A little bird flew over...
Children, do you know where these bubbles come from? If you want to know, go find it with me!

When children play this game, they will be very interested in water and want more water, so we need to use more hot water.
(When playing games, we must pay attention not to waste water. If water is spilled on the ground, it will pollute the environment. So we need to prepare a bucket and put the bucket in the ground.)
(Then we need to squeeze the water pipe with our hands to blow bubbles, but don't use too much force!)

This game can exercise children's hands-on ability and finger dexterity. We will prepare bubble-blowing tools for the children according to their preferences, and tell them: "What the children have to do today is to blow out beautiful bubbles, collect them all and bring them to the kindergarten." One day, the teacher and the children were very happy, and everyone was immersed in happiness.

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