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Make Bubble Water Toys That Never Gone

Update:19 Sep 2022

I believe that children have all blown bubbles, played with plastic bubble machines, and chased bubbles. I started playing with bubbles very early when I was a child, and sometimes I made bubble water myself. At that time, I mainly used washing powder, sugar, and detergent. Of course, I didn’t make the best ones I bought, and most of the time I just blew them out. just broke.

With the development of the times, it is no longer necessary to blow bubbles. There are many kinds of automatic bubble guns on the market. As long as you press the button, dense bubbles will pop up suddenly. Now there are bubbles to replenish water. When the water in the bubble gun is used up, it can be replenished immediately. Bring your little ones today to make a bubble water toys that will never go away.

Materials to prepare: sketch paper, cardboard, oil pastels, markers, paints

Scissors, double-sided tape, pencil, eraser

Course Steps

Step 1: Draw the bubble gun on the sketch paper and stick it on the cardboard

Step 2: Still draw some small animals and decorations on the sketch paper (the lines of the balloons are drawn on the cardboard)

Step 3: Draw the bubbles with a heavy-color oil pastel

Step 4: Click on some dots to decorate the picture, adjust the picture, and the work is completed.

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