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Make Sparkling Easter Egg Crafts

Update:12 Aug 2022

Making Easter Egg Crafts at Easter is the best time to bring your kids to craft. There are many tutorials on how to make Easter eggs on the Internet at this time of year, and today I will show you how to make beautiful and shiny Easter eggs.

Kids love glittery things! Make a kid-friendly Easter egg with simple ingredients today and take it to school to attract your friends!

Easter Egg Crafts: Sparkling Easter Eggs

Easter egg crafts making materials preparation:

Plastic eggs, glue, shiny glitter, brushes

Sparkling Easter Egg Tutorial:

1. Apply glue to the prepared plastic eggs.

2. Peel and sprinkle the glitter of your favorite color on the eggs, you can make colorful ones.

3. Coat each surface with glitter, you can choose various shapes of glitter. If you are using multiple brilliant colors just flash a few shapes while avoiding mixing colors.

4. Use a brush to remove excess glitter.

This is an easy Easter Egg Craft to bring your kids and friends to make together! It's very simple! Contact us to Printed Easter Eggs.