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Secrets Of Bubble Water Toy Solution Making

Update:03 Feb 2023

Many people will ask about the bubble water toys for children, how is the bubbling water inside made? Come and reveal the secret to everyone today.
1. The basic raw materials are as follows, detergent, tap water, sugar, and glycerin.
2. The ratio of tap water, detergent, and sugar is half a cup of water, one-third cup of detergent, and half a spoonful of sugar.
3. Stir well and evenly. Make a homemade bubble-blowing device, just use old wires.
4. The bubbles are blown out, but there is a disadvantage in that the water evaporates quickly, so it must be blown in time. To solve this problem, you can add an appropriate amount of glycerin, which can form a chemical bond with water, thereby slowing down the evaporation rate of water.
5. The bubbles blown out in this way are big and attractive. If you want to blow colored bubbles, you can add the paint of your favorite color.

1. Bubbles are formed due to the surface tension of water. This kind of tension is the mutual traction force that exists inside the object and is perpendicular to the contact surface of two adjacent parts when the object is subjected to a pulling force. The mutual attraction between water molecules on the water surface is stronger than the attraction between water molecules and air. These water molecules seem to be glued together.
2. But if the water molecules are excessively bonded together, bubbles are not easy to form. Soap "breaks" the surface tension of the water, reducing the surface tension to only 1/3 of the usual level, which is the optimum tension needed to blow bubbles.

Colorful reason
1. When light passes through the film of a soap bubble, it is refracted at both the top and bottom of the film, and a soap film can contain up to about 2 different layers.
2. The messy color combinations we see are caused by unbalanced film layers. The thickest film layer reflects red light, the thinnest reflects violet light, and the middle one reflects colorful light.

1. Bubble water is one of the important toys for children. When buying bubble water, you should pay special attention to the safety of the bubble water solution.
2. There are so many manufacturers of bubble water in the market, but those with real formulas and safe formulas are very rare.
3. The alkaline components in the bubble water solution will corrode children's skin, and the essence has many unsafe factors.
4. Therefore, when buying bubble water, parents must not be greedy for cheap, but should buy a brand with a good reputation.

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