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Teach You How To Hand-Made Custom Easter Eggs

Update:13 May 2022

The first Sunday after the full moon after the spring equinox is one of the most important festivals in western countries: Easter. Easter not only has the custom of painting eggs, but it is also a good time to travel in spring. So, how to make your own custom Easter eggs by hand?

If you are tired of traditional painting eggs, then you may try this method if you are eager to innovate, and your child will definitely find it novel and fun.

This method is very simple, you can cut out the shape of the egg with thick cardboard, and then wrap it with colored wool, such a beautiful indoor hanging egg is ready.

Choose a few pieces of beautiful wrapping paper, then cut out the shape of the eggs respectively, stack them together, fix the middle with staples, and then fold them at different angles, and three-dimensional eggs appear.

Cut out the shape of the easter egg from white cardboard, and engrave the hollow pattern in the middle. Paste colorful cellophane on the hollow part and stick it on the window, which is also a very beautiful decoration.

Small wooden clip + small pom-pom, use a unique way to print colorful eggs.

Carve the shape of an easter egg in the middle of the disposable paper plate, and then stick various colored paper strips on the empty part to make a string of beautiful paper plate hangings.

Have you learned so many ways? Let's do it with your friends!

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