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Two Aspects Teach You To Use Children'S Bubble Machine Correctly

Update:12 Dec 2022

Summer is here, children have more outdoor activities, how can we miss the outdoor activities that dominate the green grass - blowing bubbles!

Children's bubble machine is a toy that blows bubbles automatically. Some products can also emit light and play music, which is very popular among children. Are the bubble machines on the market safe for children? How to choose?

In terms of purchasing

First of all, select products with the national compulsory certification "CCC" mark, and pay attention to check the product identification information, including whether the inspection certificate, implementation standard, product manual, etc. are complete.

According to the applicable age range marked on the toy, choose products suitable for the age of the child. For those with special parts such as small parts and balls, it is not recommended to buy them for children under 3 years old to avoid the danger of accidental swallowing and suffocation.

When purchasing, check the appearance of the product, choose toys with clean materials, no sharp edge burrs, and firmly assembled parts, whether the small parts of the toy are installed firmly, and whether the gap between the moving parts of the toy will pinch the child's fingers. The volume of sound-producing toys should not be too loud to avoid damage to children's hearing.

in use

Carefully check product packaging and label instructions, read product instructions, understand product usage methods, warning information, precautions and other related content, and guide children to play correctly according to the instructions.

Before use, the parent should install or charge the battery correctly, and check for leakage after filling the bubble liquid. Pay attention to check whether the small parts are firmly installed, and whether the gap between the moving parts of the toy will pinch children's fingers.

Parents need to supervise children when they are playing. If bubble water is accidentally spilled on the skin, it should be cleaned in time, and hands should be washed in time after playing. If the pH in the bubble liquid is not up to the standard, it will easily irritate the skin. The skin of infants and young children is delicate and sensitive, and in severe cases, it will cause skin diseases such as dermatitis. After playing, parents are advised to wash the skin of the child in contact with the bubble liquid with clean water as soon as possible. After using products with electronic components, clean the surface of the toy with a dry soft cloth, do not wash it directly with water.

Do not place the bubble solution in a place where children can easily touch it, so as to avoid drinking or eating it by mistake.

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