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Two Points To Pay Attention To When Buying A Children'S Bubble Machine

Update:21 Oct 2022

When you go out for a walk with your baby, naturally, the artifact of coaxing the baby - the children's bubble machine is indispensable. But the ingredients of bubble water are really not as safe as parents think.

In 2016, the European Union recalled Chinese-made bubble liquid toys. The reason is that the bubble solution contains mesophilic aerobic microorganisms, which may pose a risk of infection to children because the solution may come into contact with the mouth, hands, and eyes. Therefore, buying a bubble machine for a child actually hides a lot of knowledge.

1. First look at the ingredients of the bubbling water

To choose a good bubble maker, you must first start by understanding its ingredients. The ingredients of the bubble machine are mainly a foaming agent and water. Some foaming agents are more suitable for children, such as soap grease and saponin, which are natural ingredients. Even after post-processing, the ingredients are still single and stable.

Chemical foaming agents are not suitable for children to play with, and some unscrupulous manufacturers will not mark them in the instructions or product introductions even if they are used. When children play with the bubble machine, it is likely that the hands, eyes, mouth, and other parts that come into contact with liquids are at risk of infection.

When there is no very clear ingredient list on the product bottle, or parents can't understand what ingredients are in it, then we can take another approach.

2. Look at the executive standard and certificate of conformity

Looking at the certificate of conformity and the implementation standards, some product pictures seem to be very standardized, it seems that my country's toy safety standards have been implemented, and there is a striking 3C logo. But in fact, this 3C standard is not within the scope of detection at all. 3Cs that do not belong to this type of product are just decorations and have no effect.

As for the implementation standards of bottle labeling, it does regulate the mechanical and physical properties, basic specifications, specific elements, flammability, and chemical properties of toys. Some bubble water is according to the international standard GB6675, and some according to foreign standards, such as the American toy safety standard ASTM F963, some according to the EU standard EN71-8:2018 and so on.

However, although the manufacturer implements this standard production, it does not necessarily mean that its products are 100% qualified, and the merchant should be required to issue a certificate of conformity for formal inspection to be guaranteed.

It is also worth mentioning that when children play, parents should remind their children to avoid contact between the bubble liquid and the skin as much as possible, and every time they play with the bubble machine, parents remember to remind their children to wash their hands!

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