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What Are The Hidden Dangers Behind The Bubble Machine?

Update:25 Feb 2022

1. Is bubble water safe?

Just add a little bubble water to the bubble machine, press it again, and colorful bubbles will pop out. However, beautiful things are often poisonous. Gu Qijun, the Consumer Guidance Department of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission, said that the test tested the flammability and pH of the bubble water and found that there were problems.

The test found that the pH value of 6 samples was in the normal range, between 5 and 7; the pH value of 9 samples was between 7 and 8.5, which was slightly higher than the normal value; the pH value of 1 sample reached 8.71, which was on the high side. . Referring to the relevant requirements of rinsing daily chemical products, the pH value of children's products should be between 4.0 and 8.5.

Experts said that when the pH of the contact liquid is too high, it is easy to irritate the skin, especially the skin of infants and young children is more sensitive, which is likely to cause problems such as dermatitis. However, although the pH of the bubble liquid is too high, there is a risk of causing skin problems, and you don't have to worry too much. It can be avoided by washing your face and hands in time after playing.

However, in the comparative test, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee found that the bubble liquid of one of the samples was a flammable liquid, and the ingredients contained flammable volatiles. I am afraid that the bubble machine will not blow bubbles, but will breathe fire! In this regard, experts suggest that you must pay attention to avoid buying "three no products" when purchasing.

2. What safety hazards are hidden behind the bubble machine?

In addition to the bubble liquid, the appearance of the bubble machine is also the focus of attention. In toy safety testing, plasticizers are the key to inspection.

my country stipulates that the total content of DBP, BBP and DEHP plasticizers shall not exceed 0.1%. The test results show that most of the samples can meet the standard, only one sample was found in the black plastic part, and the total content of its three plasticizers exceeded the standard.

Excessive plasticizers in toys may trigger hormonal imbalances and affect children's health. That is to say, excessive plasticizers may cause "internal injuries". Will the various shells of the bubble machine cause any "traumatic injuries"?

After testing, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee found that there were problems with the driving mechanism of some samples. According to the national standard toy safety standards, the driving mechanism of the toy should be closed, and no sharp edges and tips should be exposed. Otherwise, it is easy to cause finger cut, crush, stuck and other problems.

Therefore, it is more secure to choose regular bubble water suppliers to buy these products.