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What Are The Meanings Of Easter Eggs?

Update:03 Feb 2023

What do the eggs and rabbits symbolize in Western Easter?

Easter eggs are the most typical symbol of "Easter", representing surprises and hidden mysteries. Most festivals in the world have their origins in religion. Easter takes place on the first Sunday after the full moon after the vernal equinox. It was originally the day to commemorate the birth of Astalu, the half-sister of Baal, the pagan god in West Asia. Astalu was also Baal's mistress. According to legend, Baal learned that his sister Astalu was born in a swan egg, so he searched for it in the bushes; when he found it, he hugged it in his arms and hatched a rabbit; the rabbit grew up to be a beautiful woman, and Baal They lived together with Baal and later saved Baal's life when he was in danger.

Why are there bunnies and eggs at Easter?

Easter is the first Sunday after the spring equinox full moon every year. Every Easter day, foreign parents have to specially prepare eggs and rabbit-shaped chocolate candies for their children. Easter is usually one, two, or even five weeks later than in Catholicism and Protestantism. Easter eggs are given to each other during the festival, a symbol of life and prosperity. Since the vernal equinox is not fixed every year, the specific date of Easter is also uncertain every year.

During the festival, according to traditional customs, people boil eggs and paint them red, which represents the swan weeping blood, and also represents happiness after the birth of the goddess of life. Adults and children gather together in groups of three or four to play games with colored eggs. They roll the colored eggs on the ground or slopes, and the one who breaks them at the end wins, and the victor can get all the colored eggs of the players.

Another symbol of Easter is the little bunny, because it has a strong ability to reproduce, and people regard it as the creator of new life. During the festival, adults will vividly tell children that Easter eggs will hatch into bunnies. Many families also put some eggs in the garden lawn, and let the children play the game of finding eggs.

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