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What Are The Special Customs Of Easter In Sweden?

Update:26 Dec 2022

Speaking of Easter, many people may think of Easter eggs for the first time.

How much do you know about Easter besides eggs? the

In addition to common Easter customs, Easter in Sweden also has its own special customs. the

Today, I will introduce to you how Swedish Easter is celebrated. the

The origin of Easter

In Sweden, Easter is called påsk, a word derived from the Hebrew Pesach, originally the Jewish Passover. Later, it became a day to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ in Christianity. the

In Sweden, although the origin of Easter also has a strong religious meaning, the religious significance is not so great in modern times. Instead, it has become the first big festival that marks the arrival of spring in a year. the

After a long winter, spring has finally arrived, and the prehistoric power of the Swedes can no longer be suppressed. Therefore, on Easter, most Swedes will go out of their homes and go on outings in the countryside or suburbs to feel the first ray of spring breeze. the

What we usually know about the date of Easter is generally the first Sunday after the full moon of the vernal equinox every year. In fact, Easter is more than one day but includes:

Maundy Thursday,

Good Friday,

Holy Saturday,

Easter Sunday

the Monday after

Five full days. Among them, Easter Sunday is equivalent to Christmas Eve, and it is a day to really get together and celebrate with family members.

In this way, today is the eve of Easter, friends, why not get together with family and friends, and enjoy the joy of reunion under the name of the festival?

treat or trick

Yes, you read that right, asking for candy is not unique to Halloween. Besides enjoying the holiday, Easter in Sweden is also a great opportunity for little ones to ask for sweets. the

Legend has it that on Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter, witches from all over the world will ride brooms to a place called blåkulla to have a carnival with the devil. It is said that this place is located near the Baltic Sea and only appears once a year. This legend is also the origin of witch hunts in medieval Europe. the

So, on this day, Swedish children will put on old clothes, wrap headscarves, paint red cheeks and freckles on their faces, dress up like little witches, and go door to door asking for sweets. When class was over a few days ago, Broadou met a super cute kid with a red face on the road. the

When it comes to sweets, all kinds of brightly packaged sweets are definitely one of the protagonists of Swedish Easter. the

Unlike children in other countries who believe that Easter eggs are eggs laid by rabbits, to children in Sweden Easter eggs mean candy.

During Easter, you can buy large Easter eggs made of cardboard, plastic, or metal in supermarkets, filled with chocolate, toffee, and other flavors of candy. Children can enjoy the candy inside the eggs, and the revelry is not over until the parents stop adding candy to their eggs. the

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