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What Is The Origin And Legend Of Easter Eggs?

Update:09 Oct 2022

The origin of Easter eggs is very legendary. What is the origin and legend of Easter eggs? Then let's take a look together!

The first legend is: The Virgin Mary Magdalene, in tears, suddenly saw two people in dazzling clothes standing beside them. When she returned home, she painted the visions she saw. On the resurrection egg, and only then to the disciples of Jesus. The disciples also used the dove to spread the message. The second legend is that Saint Devan was stoned to death by the enemy in memory of what he left behind.

Another legend is that the man who carried the cross for Jesus was a businessman who sold eggs. One day, he saw a lot of beautiful painted Easter eggs in the basket, so he sent this message to the people.

This is where the "Easter Egg" comes from. On the second day of Easter every year, the President of the United States invites guests to bring their children to the White House to hold an egg rolling game. It is also said that the egg symbolizes many children and many grandchildren, and later, it was used as a symbol of Jesus' resurrection tomb. In addition, the hare has the strong reproductive ability, which was regarded by the ancient Egyptians as a symbol of good fertility and fertility, and was also widely used in Easter celebrations by Europeans.

The custom of finding Easter eggs, according to folklore, was initiated by a German duchess. It is said that the colorful eggs were left by the Easter Bunny for children in the countryside. Children play egg hunting as a game.

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