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What Points Should Be Paid Attention To When Purchasing Bubble Water Toys?

Update:08 Mar 2023

A bubble water toy is a kind of toy with a high popularity rate, which is loved by children. However, incidents of children being injured or even poisoned by mistakenly drinking bubble water while playing also happen from time to time.

Bubble water is mainly composed of water, surfactants, synergists, bubble-lasting agents, and preservatives. It is usually packed in plastic containers and can be blown out or made with auxiliary equipment. It is a common children's toy. A variety of organic components added to bubble water may cause deterioration and corrosion during storage. In order to prolong the shelf life of bubble water, preservatives are often added. The preservatives added to some products are toxic to a certain extent, and long-term exposure will cause damage to human health, such as formaldehyde, phenol, and isothiazolinone preservatives.

Bubble water is a liquid toy. Children will blow it close to their mouths when using it. Close contact may lead to oral ingestion of bubble water; after blowing out bubbles, children will also scratch, pat the bubbles, or even bite them with their mouths. Bubbles, this time, in addition to the fact that the bubbling water will directly contaminate the skin, if you do not wash your hands in time after playing, you may also ingest it through hand-to-mouth contact; at the same time, the bubbling water in the open container may be caught by children. It is spilled during running and jumping, and a large area is in contact with the skin; in addition, the bubbling water is mostly a transparent liquid, and young children are weak in distinguishing ability, so it is easy to drink it by mistake.

Given that children's ability to distinguish is weak, and there may be harmful substances such as formaldehyde and isothiazolinone preservatives in such toys, there is a greater risk to children's health. Warmly remind consumers to pay attention to the following points when paying attention to bubble water toys:

1. When purchasing bubble water toys, consumers should choose formal products with complete product information such as product name, manufacturer name, factory address, implementation standards, production date, shelf life, etc., and warnings and labels that meet the requirements.

2. Consumers should pay attention to the applicable age when using bubble water toys, and try not to play with children under 3 years old.

3. Parents need to do a good job of monitoring children when they are playing, and beware of children drinking and eating by mistake; urge children to wash their hands in time after playing, and not directly grab food, etc., to prevent the intake of residual harmful substances; Wash off the skin in time to prevent allergies.

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