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Which Is The Strongest Easter Egg In The World?

Update:13 Sep 2022

In the tradition of Western Christian countries, the first Sunday after the full moon on the vernal equinox is Easter. Despite the differences in religion and customs, some interesting Easter customs are spread around the world, such as painting Easter eggs. In the twelfth century, people added eggs to Easter festivals, which were mostly painted red, but also painted with colors and smiling faces. Therefore, it is generally called "Easter Egg".

The original symbolic meaning of eggs is "spring - the beginning of a new life", so painting eggs is not only artistic labor but also has a beautiful meaning. Many people are very happy to make some colorful eggs by themselves. Some people are very creative to boil Easter eggs into Chinese tea eggs, and create plant patterns! Arborvitae, wormwood, ginkgo, coriander, nightshade, burnet, etc.

However, to ask the global Easter egg which is better, you have to go to Russia to find the tsar.

At the end of the 19th century, the Russian royal family started the custom of customizing Easter eggs from Tsar Alexander III. These jewelry artworks made of gold, pearls, emeralds and gemstones are mostly Easter gifts from the tsar to his beloved wife, designed and made by Faberge, the royal jewelry craftsman. Not only the artistic value is high, but also the commemorative meaning of love. Looking at the world, it is the only one of its kind, and it is completely incomparable with other vulgar fans. In Detective Conan's theatrical version of "The Magician at the End of the Century", the story is also started with the czar's easter egg as a clue.

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