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Why Are Bunnies And Eggs Added To Easter?

Update:05 Dec 2022

In Christianity, there are three days of Easter, Friday is the Last Supper, and Sunday Jesus is resurrected, which is basically known to everyone. This festival was originally to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, but how did Easter bunnies and eggs be added later? What's going on?

The Easter Bunny comes from legend and has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. Just because the rabbit is the pet of Aphrodite, the god of love, and the candle-bearer of Horta, the Germanic land goddess. Moreover, the reproductive ability of rabbits is super strong, and once spring comes, they will give birth to one litter after another. As a representative of fertility, the rabbit symbolizes the revival of spring and the birth of new life.

The egg has always been a symbol of new life, as well as the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb of stone. Painting eggs, giving them, and eating them has been a common practice since early Christianity. Originally, in the Orthodox Church, eggs were painted red, symbolizing the blood of Christ and Christ's love for people.

Later, Protestants connected the rabbit with Easter eggs, and the rabbit was used as a messenger to deliver Easter eggs to children. How do rabbits deliver eggs? In fact, eggs and rabbits are spring festivals.

No wonder it feels very two-dimensional during this festival. A group of believers sang loudly in the auditorium and shared the food brought from home. The children were picking eggs on the grass outside, which were actually candy boxes and chocolates. Rabbits are definitely not alive, but some plush or plastic toys. Of course, it also created a big consumer festival for modern businesses, and they started buying eggs early. In fact, most of them are candy, candy!

I finally figured out the relationship here, which is actually quite nonsensical. A serious religious festival has become very joyful. Well, all I can say is, the adults sit and talk together, and the kids have a little fun too, don't they?

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