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Why Are Easter Desserts In The Shape Of Bunnies And Eggs?

Update:17 Jun 2022


On Easter, children receive a basket of gifts, mainly Easter eggs and assorted chocolates and candies. Why are Easter gifts and desserts made in the shape of rabbits or eggs? Let's have a look!

Rabbit - The Easter Bunny is one of the Easter symbols. This is an animal with strong reproductive ability, so the image of the hare usually appears on Easter. As the name suggests, it symbolizes the breath of spring, the revival of all things, and the embodiment of vitality.

Rabbit, in terms of traditional Chinese culture, is the pet of our sister Change, but in the West, it is the pet of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and the leader of the Germanic land goddess, so the rabbit is said to be a gift to children for Easter. Messenger of eggs and gifts.

Similar to Santa Claus driving a sleigh and ringing bells to deliver gifts at Christmas; a tooth fairy who accompanies us with children changing their teeth; and a black-clothed grandmother on Witch's Day to test whether we are good babies who can hold chocolates or just worthy of them. The bad baby of briquettes.

Although the custom of Easter eggs also has its roots in ancient times. But the exact source is different.

The Greeks usually painted eggs red on this day, using the color of blood to represent the resurrection of all things in spring and the homage to Jesus Christ. Western countries also often use red food such as red wine, red meat, bread, etc. to give meaning to the blood and flesh of the crucified Christ, warning people to cherish everything in front of them, which is bestowed by Allah.

Religious culture has evolved over the years. Although modern people also attach great importance to tradition, they will always innovate and transform. Take Easter eggs as an example, some people paint them green to commemorate the new green after a winter withered; some places use soft and light colors to represent new life; some paint eggs colorful. The rainbow pattern...  

All in all, for a long time, the rabbit was good, and the egg was good. They have different meanings to people, and they have always been a symbol of new life, hope, and a bright journey.

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