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Zhejiang Mingyu Toys Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Bubble toys and Easter gifts. Founded in 1999, it is located in Huangyan District, Taizhou City, near Ningbo port. Mingyu is also a professional China Glossy Candy Color Easter Eggs suppliers and OEM/ODM Glossy Candy Color Easter Eggs company, we offer custom Glossy Candy Color Easter Eggs for sale online, including bubble guns, bubble wands, bubble machines, etc. Our Plastic bubble machines are very popular among children.

Our Glossy Candy Color Easter Eggs products have quality inspection certificates, non-toxic and non-irritating odor, so there is no need to worry about affectisng children's health. We have our own factory, a veteran manufacturer for more than 20 years, with reliable quality, high quality and low price.

Our main market is Europe and the Untied States and Japan. Our main customers are WM, DISNEY, DT, DG, DELTASPORT, ALDI, BIGLOTS etc. We have the factory Audit: BSCI, WCA, FCCA, SCS, SEDEX. We have strict quality control system and complete production line. We will provide good quality at a good price.


We are a professional suppliers of bubble water toys and Easter eggs with Christmas balls

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Plastic Easter Eggs are Made and Decorated Differently in Different Regions
Plastic Easter eggs are popular decorations and gifts during Easter and are made and decorated in different ways from place to place.
Plain plastic eggs: In some regions, plain plastic eggs are the most common Easter eggs. These are often sold in bulk for egg hunts or as the basis for DIY decorations.
Printed plastic eggs: Some manufacturers print designs or patterns on the surface of plastic eggs to make them more colorful and attractive. These printed eggs can feature Easter-related designs such as bunnies, chicks, or Easter eggs.
Glitter or Metallic Plastic Eggs: Some plastic eggs are painted with glitter or metallic paint to make them more sparkly and festive. These eggs are often used for decoration and are especially popular in regions that prefer a more elaborate decoration.
Prefilled Plastic Eggs: Prefilled plastic eggs are a popular choice for Easter egg hunts or gift-giving. These eggs are often filled with small toys, candies, or other treats and come in a variety of colors and designs.
Decorating Plastic Eggs: Some people like to decorate plain plastic eggs with markers, stickers, or other decorations to create a unique and personalized Easter egg. Use these decorated eggs as decorations, gifts, or for an egg hunt.